For the very first time, Jaipur will play host to an international open-air travel photography festival.

Travel Photo Jaipur will offer a curated selection of international photography inspired by the notion of journeys and visions as an outsider.

The festival exhibitions will be staged at various public locations across Jaipur, inviting visitors to discover the city’s heritage. The works will be printed in large formats, and will be complemented by an exciting programme of events that will transform the Pink City into a platform for showcasing and contemplating photography.

Although travel has changed much over the past century, it continues to enrich and expand our horizons as ever.

If, as Susan Sontag said, “the camera makes everyone a tourist in other people’s reality”, Travel Photo Jaipur is a call to discover the world through the eyes of that super-tourist: the photographer.

The residents of Jaipur, who live in one of the most visited and celebrated Indian cities, are used to being photographed. With Travel Photo Jaipur, the gaze is now reversed, and it is their turn to observe the photographic wonders of the world.

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